Download the free I'm Not Ok assessment card and give to a trusted friend, neighbor, teacher, or parent.

If you are in an emergency, call 9-1-1. (United States)

Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor

Free 24/7 support at your fingertips

Human Trafficking Hotline/Reporting:  https://humantraffickinghotline.org/report-trafficking




You can heal when you deal with the pain in your heart that spills over into triggers, deppresion, and coping with destructive habits.

Find out how to heal with these video resources:



Survivor video playlist, click here.

Time doesn't heal all wounds:  time heals cleansed wounds. 
Infected wounds become bitterness over time.



I'm NOT OK is a project of Safe to Hope, a 501c3 non-profit to help Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) victims and survivors and their communities.

We want to give you HOPE!  There is always HOPE when you go to Jesus for your pain and trauma.

If you think the I'm Not OK Help Card is great or you want to print copies for your organization:  church, school, etc. feel free to donate via the link below to help Safe to Hope keep spreading awareness and assistance.

If you wish to find out more or support this non-profit with a tax deductible donation, visit, www.safetohope.org/give-hope

The I'm Not OK Help Card is Copyrighted, All rights reserved and may be printed without modification (2 sided, color, 100%) and may only be distributed for free.

An I'm Not Ok card with 4 handouts to a sheet can also be downloaded here with the same copyright restrictions listed above as the 1x2 card.

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